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Eat Wise...DNA-Wise!

Nutrition Simplified by Genomics.

Get your personal nutrition guide for optimised meal planning MyNutriGene is a genomic assessment of your nutritional profile, based on DNA analysis and interpretation. Learn about your metabolism, fat/carbohydrate response, vitamin profile, food intolerances, eating behaviour and more.

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Choose a diet made from YOU, for YOU. Get personalised nutrition advice, based on your genetics. Unravel your DNA code to identify areas of concern or potential risk that you can mitigate - starting from your plate! Customised diet recommendations from our certified counsellors help you formulate the best-suited diet plan - so that you stay healthier, for longer.

MyNutrigene™ has been carefully designed to target 17+ traits and conditions (mentioned above) which impact your diet and nutritional needs. Genetic predispositions for these hand-picked parameters affect Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness of everyone, and helps tailor your diet - optimized to your genetics.

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Our DNA Test is a simple non-invasive saliva sample home test which can be done anytime, anywhere.

Once we have mapped your DNA and completed our analysis, a thorough report is sent to you with the details.

We then schedule a video conference session (45 mins) with one of our excellent nutritional counselors to speak to you about your results and offer insight and guidance, after which a post-counseling diet plan is provided to you.

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