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Mapmygenome, India

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Mapmygenome is a leading molecular diagnostics company which aims to make people proactive about their health. We offer personalized health solutions based on genetic testing. By combining genetic health profile and health history with genetic counseling, Mapmygenome provides actionable steps for individuals and their physicians towards a healthier life. Mapmygenome is focused on preventive health-care through healthy habits.


Our teams comprise biotechnologists, statisticians, geneticists, bioinformaticians, and medical counselors. We have a technical expertise of 15+ years in the domains of genomics and big data. Our advisory panel has expert scientists and doctors. In order to enhance this innovative brand and to provide value-added services to customers, our highly-skilled research team works on cutting-edge technologies in various domains.

Ezetop - Medical Supplies Factory


Ezetop - For Medical Supplies, is our strategically located medical supplies factory in Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZone) specialized in disposable medical material. Focused primarily on exports, our facility caters to a wide range of hospitals and medical centers in Africa and the Middle East as well as the Egyptian local market. We use the highest quality raw materials and machinery to produce world class quality medical supplies. Dedicated to the creation of medical products and services, we give clinicians and hospitals the advantage to perform at their very best.


Clinprime Logo.jpeg

ClinPrime is a smart clinic and Hospital management system that helps healthcare institutions in Egypt transform from a paper-based operating system to a digital one. We offer software solutions that allow clients to digitize appointments, patient files and finances.


Our focus is on:
1) Driving doctor adoption through customization and smooth digital transformation
2) Integration with doctors' other tools
3) Boost mobile potentials for mobile health services through our mobile app
4) Peer-peer consultation community 
5) Applying AI technologies to the healthcare practice.
8) Digital assistant powered by AI ( for drug availability, drug interaction, best practices, and patient online reservation ) 


ClinPrime has 400+ clinics running on its software so far as well as two large institutions and plans to expand throughout Egypt and the Middle East.


Konsolto Logo.png

From the team who brought you Clinprime, Konsolto is Egypt's first Digital Health World. As an instant access point for patients, empowering patients and healthcare providers with a seamless health care experience based on digitizing patient records, online consultations, and pharmacy ordering service. Konsolto is a one-stop shop for all your healthcare needs. 

Integrated with pharmacies and Labs all over Egypt, Konsolto enables users to share and receive information with healthcare providers efficiently and effectively so as to provide superior healthcare services experiences for its customers. 


Tahaleel Eng Logo.png

Tahaleel aims to provide access to healthcare services, namely laboratory blood testing, by offering home blood testing services across Egypt. Tahaleel works in partnership with accredited Egyptian labs to send lab technicians and chemists to individuals' homes for sample collection. It is a convenient and efficient solution to overcrowded laboratories and long waiting times. We have developed protocols to cary out blood sampling in a safe, professional, and efficient manner from patients' homes which offers those in need a simple and effective way to carry out their lab investigations. 


Estasharah Logo.png

A Doctor Within Reach.


Estasharah is a technology platform that connects patients to doctors in Egypt anytime and anywhere. We aim to bridge the gap between doctor and patient.


Estasharah provides remote medical consultations 24/7 through online solutions so a patient may have quick and affordable access to healthcare.


In partnership with 700+ certified doctors from all specialities, Estasharah has had 350,000+ visitors and carried out 40,000+ consultations so far via its platform across Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab countries.

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