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Know yourself.

Manage your health better with Gynaemap™ - the next generation health test

Gynaecmap™ is a women’s wellness predictive panel from Mapmygenome. This revolutionary test reveals your genetic predisposition to key functions of women's health - endocrine and reproductive systems, bone health, obesity and lipid levels, lifestyle traits, and cancers.

Your genes play a decisive role in your overall health. Although factors like physical fitness and lifestyle have a major say in your health, it is the genes that encode the bigger picture. This is where Gynaemap™ changes things. This accalimed scientific tool is a simple saliva-based test that tracks your inherited and acquired genetic health risks. The results give insights into weakneses in your immunity, genetic predisposition to certain health conditions, drug efficacy, sensitivities and more, helping you pre-empt a majority of these risks.


Genetic Predisposition: Find your risk for many chronic and life-threatening diseases to ensure early detection.

Traits: Learn if you have genetic traits that influence a medical outcome, health and well-being in general, or your lifestyle.

Drug response: Discover your response to drugs, optimum drug dosage and drug sensitivity.

Inherited Conditions: Gain insights into carrier status- conditions that can be passed to future generations.

Genetic Counseling: Our experts will analyze your reports and correlate the findings with your family health history, medical history, and lifestyle.

Diet and Fitness Counseling: Opt for expert advise to improve lifestyle with information gleaned from your DNA and medical history.

Testing Categories

Diseases and Traits Tested For

Fitness And Lifestyle:

Obesity Diet Pattern Alcoholism Skin Detox Vitamin B6 Vitamin B9 Caffeine Consumption PUFA Bone Mineral Density


Breast Cancer | Ovarian Cancer | Thiopurines

Heart Health and Diabetes:


HDL Cholesterol | LDL Cholesterol | Hypertension | Type 2 Diabetes


Our DNA Test is a simple non-invasive saliva sample home test which can be done anytime, anywhere.

Once we have mapped your DNA and completed our analysis, a thorough report is sent to you with the details.

We then schedule a video conference session (45 mins) with one of our excellent genetic counselors to speak to you about your results and offer insight and guidance, after which a post-counseling report is provided to you.

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